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At Simply Organized Solutions we work with you to develop organizing solutions that fit the way you think, live and work.

From the moment we are born we accumulate stuff. Over time this stuff turns into clutter, and instead of enjoying our possessions, our stuff becomes a cluttered mess that’s simply no fun to be in (and can even be hazardous to your physical and mental health).

The only way to truly get organized is by simplifying. This means focusing on the important things in life — ridding yourself of anything that merely takes up time, space, money or energy without giving any benefit.

At S.O.S. we work with people who want to create order and harmony in their homes and offices. Together we sort through your belongings, discover what is most important to you and create a home for it. By listening to your needs we will create a solution that fits your lifestyle, transform your home or office into a peaceful efficient space and enable you to have more time for the important things in life.

Consider giving the peace of mind with a gift certificate from Simply Organized Solutions, making a great alternative to an everyday present.

Based in Ingersoll, Ontario, serving Oxford County and surrounding area.

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Mariette Bardoel - Professional Organizer
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