Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Organizer?

Professional Organizers are individuals who create customized solutions to increase the efficiency of any home, office or individual.
They assist people and organizations to improve their unique situations, as defined by their specific needs.
Organizers are generally self-employed, and may subcontract or employ other Professional Organizers. Professional Organizers help their clients to find balance, restore order, and maximize their time and resources at home, office, and workplace locations. Services vary widely, depending on the area or range of specialization.

Services include, but are not limited to:
  • Time management, goal setting, and personal inventory process life management.
  • Event/meeting planning and co-ordination.
  • Computer software and consulting, including support, set-up, and design of systems.
  • Public speaking, seminars and workshops, education and training.
  • Human resources support/consulting, including assessments, job descriptions, new-hire orientation kits, employee manuals, policy and procedure manuals, training manuals, performance reviews, corporate values, and general organization of staff.
  • Office organizing including needs analysis and action plans, purging, de-cluttering and organizing, filing systems, paper management, procurement of office supplies and equipment, space planning, processes and paper/work flow, information and records management, storage areas, and moving/relocations.
  • Residential organizing including closet design and organization, space planning, purging, de-cluttering, and organizing of garages, attics, and basements, errands and personal shopping, storage solutions, repairs and maintenance, decorating, renovations, interior design, organizing of collections, memorabilia, and photographs, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, garage sales, giftings and house fluffing in preparation for a sale.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional Organizer?

Clients realize many benefits after hiring an organizer. Some are tangible and some are intangible. Here are just a few of them:
  • Reduced stress
  • Clear space
  • Effective use of resources
  • More time, energy and freedom
  • Better planning skills
  • Effective systems and strategies
  • Fewer issues with, time, space and storage!

Do you need to hire a Professional Organizer?

  • Are you victim of “too much paper”?
  • Are you having trouble locating information in your office?
  • Do you need help planning your space so that it works more efficiently?
  • Is it hard to decide which mess to tackle first?
  • Are you simply overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Does having clutter around make it more difficult for me to clean my house?

Yes! Professional house cleaners estimate that by eliminating clutter, cleaning time can be reduced by as much as 40 percent.

Is disorganization holding you back from pursuing the things you want to accomplish? Are you bogged down with issues around time, space, or storage? Maybe it's time you called in an expert to help you. Enjoy freedom from disorganization — getting expert help is the first step.

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