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Believe it or not, virtually all the stuff that was in this basement is still here — it's just organized in a way that's useful to the owner.

basement before basement after

Pantry's can be much more user friendly after the contents have been organized and labelled.

pantry before pantry after

What the next picture can't show is the importance of an organized paper-management system. It's key to conquering office clutter.

office before office after


“I was thrilled with my experience working with Mariette Bardoel from Simply Organized Solutions to reclaim my long lost office! It was such a pleasure to work with somebody who worked diligently, efficiently and in a highly focused manner! When there were moments where I was indecisive about the necessity of something Mariette's assistance was a great asset in helping me to “let go” of things that I really didn’t need to hold onto that were adding to the clutter. I would recommend her with confidence.”

- Lydia Neeb
This spare bedroom was used to store kid’s artwork, school report cards, sports memorabilia, photo albums, household paperwork (paid bills, invoices, tax returns, etc., from the last 10 to 15 years).
Because of the clutter and disorganization, the spare bedroom wasn’t the peaceful sanctuary the client wanted, and the space wasn’t used to the best of it’s ability.

bedroom before bedroom after
bedroom before bedrrom after
bedroom before bedroom after

To create a more organized space, I first removed all the items that did not belong in the room and items no longer needed were donated. Next, together with the client we went through the years of paperwork, setting up a filing system using the existing filing cabinets. For all the kids artwork, report cards and sports memorabilia we assigned one drawer per child and one storage bin per child for larger items. Now the room is more inviting to be in and items are stored in a logical manner. Even the family dog is happier now with more room for her kennel in this spare room.

“After using the helpful assistance of Mariette at Simply Organized Solutions, my muddled spare room is now in order and functional. Her work is quick, helpful and well worth the expense.”

- L.D.

lliving room before living room after
living room before living room after

This clients living room was buried in kids toys… until we sorted, gave the keepsakes a home, cleaned out the unwanteds and relocated the items that didn’t belong in this room, creating an oasis of calm!

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