Farm Office Organizer

Is your farm office driving you crazy?

Are you struggling to keep up with all the paper involved in running a farm business?
There’s help out there to get as efficient and profitable in your farm office as you are efficient out in the barns and fields.
The Farm Office Organizer can now work with you virtually, no matter where you are located.
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Here’s how the farm office organizer can help you:
  • Turning your piles into files, creating a filing system that will work for your specific farming operation.
  • Setting up a mail processing system and help you develop a paper flow, and making a habit of following through the process with each piece of paper, which will stop new clutter from accumulating.
  • Office set-up, organizing your office does not need to be expensive. Second hand desks, filing cabinets and tables correctly arranged can go a long way towards improving office efficiency on a shoe-string budget.
  • Organizing your e-mails.
  • Time-management strategies.

An organized office saves time, and reduces stress while looking for that #%!!# piece of paper. A structured office, desktop and paper flow improves productivity of the office worker, and gives him or her more self-respect and pride. An organized office also gives more credibility to you and your business. A business-like office has a positive effect on bankers and other business people you need to deal with and impress.

As a professional organizer, I hear it time and time again, I don’t have time to get organized. I can’t help but ask; can you really afford not to?

If you can’t find your desk, need to borrow your child’s stapler or can’t remember the last time you had an effective system to handle incoming paper, then it’s time to contact Mariette the professional farm office organizer.

Did you know?
Detailed records are useful. The best performing agri-preneurs are usually those who keep detailed accounting and production records. Because this is their standard practice, these agri-preneurs are able to determine the best time to expand or diversify their business.

Did you know?
Most people spend 30 minutes a day looking for things. That’s more than 15 hours per month, 182 hours per year, or over 4 ½ weeks of vacation time!

Investing time and money to create an organized office should be just as important as investments in the soil and machinery resources on your farm.

Contact me today to set up a free consultation, helping you take the first step in simplifying your home… your office… your life…

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